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The Untold Orchestra is a not for profit Community Interest Company.

Registered CIC No. 12146445

Who we are...


We strive to create performance settings that enable reflection, build friendships and inspire new dance moves all at the same time. For us, it isn't just the music - it's the people, the place, the stories, the community, the connection, the experience.


What is genre but a social construct? We seek new ways to fuse different musical worlds and realise the role of an orchestra in different settings. Our musicians are masters of adaptation, endlessly exploring new territories and breaking barriers. 


We believe that an orchestra should feel accessible to everyone, and we try to represent this in every aspect of what we do. From finding ways to make shows affordable to creating projects that engage new audiences, we're constantly on the lookout for new ideas that might help us achieve this.


Music is all about telling stories, and we look to tell the stories that haven't yet been told. Whether it's the unheard tales of a musical icon or the adventure of an upcoming artist's first recording, we want to help these stories be shared.


Rory Storm

Conductor, Musical Director

Sam Davies

Artistic Director, Co-Founder

Josh Poole

Creative Producer, Co-Founder

Phoebe Taylor

Marketing Manager

Verity Gardener

Artistic Director, Co-Founder

Orchestral Manager

Rosamund Hawkins

Social Media Manager

Manoela Assis

Business Development Manager

Thomas Fripp

Assistant Musical Director

Becky Cleasby

Fundraising Officer

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