Guided by these four concepts, the work of the Untold Orchestra is centred around creating a positive social impact in communities across the United Kingdom. Based in Manchester, we draw on the city’s rich diversity and creativity, enabling us to quickly take our projects further afield. As a Community Interest Company, we are founded upon the desire to work alongside communities, producing projects, performances and experiences with a positive impact on all involved.


Music goes beyond what we hear. It’s experience, and something that humanity shares. We strive to create performance settings that enable reflection, build friendships and inspire new dance moves all at the same time. For us, it isn't just the music, it's the people, the place, the stories, the community, the connection. Live music is a fundamental block of culture, and is best consumed fresh. We seek to aline the orchestra with the 21st century, to create new experiences led by one thing: listening.


Collaboration is paramount in every project we undertake. As a means of creating vital art, we often generate new methods to fuse opposing musical frameworks. This concept continually drives us out of our own creative spheres, allowing us to connect with new communities and artistic traditions. In doing so, we are developing a new understanding of the 21st century orchestra.


We believe an orchestra should be, and feel, accessible to anyone and everyone. From working in local grassroots venues, to finding ways to make shows affordable, to engaging in a range of diverse projects, our aim is to continually explore how we are bringing new audiences into the orchestral world as active participants in a collective experience. In doing so, we hope to confront social divides within communities and build a sense of unity that embraces the art and culture of all.


Music is storytelling. For centuries it has been used as a tool to express what words cannot. It can connect us to that which might otherwise lie dormant. We look for ways to share stories that are as yet untold. Whether it’s through an exploration of the life of a musical icon, or through unfurling the creative legacy of a whole community, or through supporting the work of an up and coming artist trying to reach peoples' hearts, all of our projects are centred around this idea. They kind of have to be, it’s in the name!

We’re all ears...


Our work is about spreading outwards from a strong, stable core, while maintaining the flexibility to continue listening. In every project we’ve worked on over the past years, we’ve found new collaborators from whom we learn. These people bring immeasurable time, energy and expertise, and our gratitude is endless.

The team is all ears - if you have an idea about how we can strengthen our work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can’t promise to do everything that comes to us, but we can promise to try!


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” (Maya Angelou)


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The Untold Orchestra is a not for profit Community Interest Company.

Registered CIC No. 12146445