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The Untold Orchestra is a collaborative ensemble that aims to redefine orchestral music for audiences and communities in Manchester through memorable performances, creative workshops, and refreshing collaborations, all focused on positive social change.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience an orchestra.


Founded in 2019, we strive to deliver culturally relevant and exciting performances and projects for people in Manchester and beyond.

Orchestras are prime examples of collaborative communities that give space for every voice to be valued. We work alongside creatives, local residents, and cultural organizations to create and explore new ways for music to uplift the entire city.

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We are passionate about using music as a tool to tell the stories of people and communities that have previously gone untold. From projects that celebrate the social impact of iconic musicians to recording with up-and-coming artists and collaborating with performers across all art forms, we find innovative ways to share stories that need to be heard.

We are always open to new ideas and collaborations. Our aim is to find new ways for orchestras to make a positive impact. If you appreciate our work, believe in what we do, or have a story you would like to be told, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of seeing an orchestra!

Unfortunately, despite the significant role they can play in providing uplifting cultural experiences for a city's population, many people in society have not had the chance to engage with an orchestra. A lack of relevance and diversity of opinion have led to a divide, excluding many people from participating in the joy of orchestras.

We understand that seeing an orchestra might not be a top priority on everyone's list, but the reality is that throughout the last few centuries, orchestras have taught us a thing or two about making positive change. That's why we are committed to bringing the musical power of orchestras to more and more people."


What is an orchestra?

An orchestra is a group of musicians who play a variety of instruments. At Untold Orchestra, we take a unique approach to our ensembles and do not have a set number or type of instruments for our shows. This allows us to create different and exciting musical experiences for each performance, with some shows featuring 25+ musicians and others featuring fewer.

Do orchestras only play classical music?

No, that's a common misconception. Orchestras are not limited to playing classical music. While some orchestras may focus on playing music written by a small group of composers over several centuries, orchestras are more rooted in popular culture than people think. You can hear orchestras in a variety of media, including TV, film, theatre, musicals, and many different musical styles.

Do I have to go to a concert hall? 

No! Across the country there are orchestras, both professional and amateur performing in a variety of venues from community halls to theatres to stadiums (and if they're like us, everywhere in between!) 

Why do they matter? 

Orchestras are one of music's best ways to show what can happen when big groups of people come together to create beautiful harmony.  They can act as a hub of inspiration for creativity both for audiences and artists. 

Things to know before seeing the Untold Orchestra


  • We're not your "traditional" orchestral viewing. We welcome you to dance, sing along, clap whenever you like!

  • There's no dress code here! Express yourself however you like, just like some of the icons we celebrate did! We can't wait to see your outfit. 

  • If you want to see us but there's bills to pay then please get in touch, we have various low income ticket allowances

Collaborators & Partners

We're lucky to work with many inspiring partner organisations and collaborators on delivering a variety of projects and performances. Have a look at their incredible work and the opportunities they provide for people across Manchester. 

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