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Skittles is one of the most revered lyricsts in Manchester (and around the UK), both in his own right and as part of Levelz. In this collaboration, Skittles, The Untold Orchestra and hip hop rhythm section 8 Gold Rings bring a fresh take to songs throughout his entire discography, from the atmospheric strings on Paperplate to the aggressive brass bass line on I Am The Danger. The shows are always packed with guest features from some of Manchester’s most exciting MCs and vocalists, leading each show to be a completely unique event. Those that were lucky enough to have been there would have seen such a performance at Festival Square, Manchester, for Manchester International Festival in 2019, or at Manchester’s The Blues Kitchen in 2021. Be sure to check out Skittles’ own night, Sayin’, a platform for a cappella and spoken word hosted at NIAMOS, in Hulme, the home of The Untold Orchestra.

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