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In October 2023 we teamed up with Beyond the Music and Manchester City Co, to curate a stage of original acts as part of the Beyond the Music festival. 

In a stage set up in Exhange Square, right in the heart of the city centre, the day long takeover saw performances from musicians and artists involved with Untold Orchestra including

Mali Hayes, Polly Virr, Big Society, Owen O'Sapien, Skittles, Fumni Says,

Reneé Stormz, Yemi Bolatiwa and Ellen Beth Abdi

"Beyond The Music is a place to gather artists, entrepreneurs, creatives and music industry professionals over the course of three days with funders, businesses and organisations in order to maximise impact and take solutions to scale whilst putting the spotlight back on live and new music

discovery alongside world class artists." 

​Apart from a bit of rain and the occasional tram passing right by the stage, it was a memorable day highlighting some of the incredible songwriting and poetry of some of our musicians. ​

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