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Officially launched in September 2022, the NIA Choir is a women's Soul, R&B and Blues choir for residents of Hulme, Moss Side and surrounding areas.


The choir is led by Untold Orchestra singer Nicole Battick with guest facilitator Sylvia Tella and is

 open to all those who identify and align with womanhood, regardless of experience singing. The choir is a fun, uplifting environment where there's often more laughter than singing!


Free for all members, the NIA Choir is supported by Postcode Neighbourhood Trust and Granada Foundation as well as donations. If you are able to support in keeping this project free for members then please donate today. 

If you'd like to join, the choir meets every Tuesday at the NIAMOS Centre, Hulme.


Email for more information. 

“A safe space to just sing. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best singer - nobody’s judging - it’s just a nice place to be”


“It’s escapism - I love it after work because I find it completely de-stresses me. It takes my mind off of everything else because I’m focusing on singing. By the time I’ve left, I’ve forgotten about everything I was worried about”.

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