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We curate projects and performances that celebrate the music, lives and legacies of some of music's most iconic artists. There have been so many inspiring artists that have shaped music and society for the better and we feel incredibly privileged to be able to perform their music to audiences and communities their music has touched.

Since 2019 we have developed 20+ icon shows. Performing regularly across Manchester and the UK. We also work with an incredible network of creative people, communities and organisations to develop and workshops for communities in Hulme and Moss Side and for queer audiences across the city, in reference to our icon shows.


Our own icon series, in collaboration with NIAMOS Theatre, explore the impact artists have had on different communities in Manchester. These productions make connections between the music of the artists, the lives they led and how different people respond to their work.

Click below to find out more about each of these projects and see highlights from the performances:


In addition, we perform a variety of icon shows in venues across the United Kingdom, celebrating the music of different icons in unforgettable performances. See our "What's On" page to find out shows happening near you! 

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